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Sorry for being early this week guys. I've had a lot going on at home and I wasn't able to type up anything substantial today. I apologize, and I will be back on my game tomorrow.


Congratulations to spotless who won last week's Create-A-Caption with his comment "Obama: So I was listening to your phone the other day…". Usually I am against political comments on this website, but when you put up a picture with the president in it, what do you expect? Keep the funny comments coming this week you guys, I sincerely am glad that this website is becoming more enjoyable for its members! As long as people are capable of laughing and having an conversation on the same website, I'd say I'm doing my job pretty well.


- Write a sentence, or a dialogue describing what's occurring in the photo.
- If you like a caption that's been written, recommend it, by clicking the "actions" button under the comment, and then the "rec" button that appears. Recommend as many comments/captions as you like.
- The winner will be the user that's comment goes green first, If more than one are green, it will come down to the one with the most rec's

So what do you think is happening in the picture?