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Tuesday's Mailbag: July 30th, 2013

Who are my Top 3 Ravens Haters? Will Ed Dickson Step Up? & more!

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Happy Tuesday, Ravens Nation! I hope you all are having a fantastic week so far! It is only one more day until Hump Day, and only 2 more days until I leave to go to my favorite city in the whole world: Baltimore. Yes, that's right, I am going to Baltimore for a few days starting Thursday, and I plan on having a great time! If any of you guys have any suggestions of things to do, places to eat, etc. then please let me know! Anyway, I just checked the mailbox, and we have some questions to answer! Let's get this party started!

Q1: Who are your Top 3 Ravens haters? - Terrin Wilson

I am guessing that this means my top 3 guys that hate the Ravens in the national media. Well, let me count it down from #3 to #1.

#3- Pete Prisco, Writer for Pete Prisco is known for many things around the internet, but the main one isn't his writing. Truthfully, I've never read 35 words of this man's work. All I have read is the negative tweets that he puts out there constantly. He does not believe in the Ravens being good, he thinks Ryan is much better than Flacco, and here is what this man said yesterday about "Vontae Leach:"

First of all, Mr. Prisco, his name is not spelled "Vontae Leach," it is spelled "Vonta Leach." Second of all, you obviously do not know much about football or Vonta Leach. The fullback position isn't as needed anymore, but having a fullback can definitely boost your team a little bit. Also, Vonta Leach is the best fullback in the league, as you should know. You are a professional NFL writer for CBSSports.

Anyway, let's move on.

#2- Heath Evans, Former FB in the NFL, Now NFLNetwork Analyst-- Most people have heard of this guy, but not because of his athletic ability or terrific analysis of the game, but for the stupid and biased comments he makes. Now, Evans is a known Raven hater, maybe because he played for the Patriots, I'm not sure. Anyway, before the 2012 season, Heath Evans thought that the Baltimore Ravens would completely crash and burn without Terrell Suggs and Jarrett Johnson, one of which was injured, the other of which was not on the roster any longer. Evans could not have been more wrong, since the Ravens did go 5-1 without Suggs, and a nice 10-6 overall. Oh, and the Ravens also did win a Super Bowl.

Here is a link to a topic created on a forum about a conversation between Willie McGinest and Heath Evans, and it tells a few of the ignorant things that Heath Evans said about the Ravens before their championship 2012 season. Evans also called Terrell Suggs an "Absolute Fool," and here is the article for that.

If you want to read other forum topics and hear about other things that Heath Evans has said about the Ravens, Google "Heath Evans H" and Heath Evans Hates the Ravens should be the first thing that pops up, if not, Google the entire phrase.

#1- Skip Bayless, Analyst/Co-Host of First Take on ESPN-- I know people want me to stop giving Bayless any recognition, but I had to say something about him when a question like this is asked. Skip Bayless is the ultimate Ravens hater in my book, and I don't think anything will ever change that.

Bayless is known for hating the Baltimore Ravens and LeBron James, but he hates the Ravens a tad bit more. Bayless constantly hates on Joe Flacco, the Ravens GM, and anything else he could possibly hate on that has to do with the Ravens. Skip Bayless is ignorant, idiotic, and a sorry excuse of a broadcaster. If you want to see/hear more about Skip and how ignorant he is, read my article on him from a few days ago.

Well, there you have it. My Top 3 Ravens haters. They hate us, so it is only fair to want to shut them in a closet for the rest of their pathetic lives.

Q2: With Pitta being out, do you think they'll move Juice to tight-end and re-sign Leach? - Terrin Wilson & Ray Tchoulakian

Well, thankfully, the Ravens re-signed Pro-Bowl fullback Vonta Leach yesterday. Of course, every Ravens fan heard about this, but let's get to the main part of your question.

Now that the Ravens have Leach and Juszczyk at the fullback position, it would make sense to move Juszczyk to another position like tight-end. Juszczyk was a terrific receiver in college, and he has the potential to be the same in the NFL. But, the Ravens already have multiple guys at tight-end. They have Ed Dickson, Visanthe Shiancoe, Billy Bajema, Matt Furstenburg, and Alex Silvestro. They won't be using that many tight-ends, so it doesn't seem like a logical thing to do.

The Ravens might as well just leave him as a backup FB, just in case Leach gets hurt or anything like that. Either way, Juszczyk will probably not be getting very much playing time next season, something that was unthinkable a few weeks ago.

Q3: What are your impressions of camp so far? - Terrin Wilson

I think camp has been going fantastic. I love being able to hear about the new guys like Dumervil, Canty, Huff, Elam, etc. improving. It definitely helps me get a feel of how hard this team is going to work and play throughout the next few months when the season actually begins.

Of course, the Pitta injury has been the only really bad thing about training camp. Pitta collided with S James Ihedigbo to enforce a hip dislocation in his right hip.

Other than the injury of Pitta, camp has been going really well, and I can't wait for preseason to start, so we can see this team in action for the very first time!

Q4: Do you favor a camp with hard practices or soft practices? - Terrin Wilson

I, personally, think training camp should be medium.

They shouldn't be too soft because the players won't be worked hard and they won't have a feel for how it will be in the regular season when they practice. Also, if it's too soft, there is not going to be much improvement from struggling or new players.

They shouldn't be too hard because they are doing their best to get ready for the season and get better, not get completely exhausted and injured for the upcoming season.

So I would say that all training camps should be at a medium pace and of medium difficulty level.

Q5: Do you think Ed Dickson will step up? - Terrin Wilson

I most definitely believe that Ed Dickson will step up and be better than he has in his career. Earlier in the offseason, Dickson was ready for a larger role in the offense, now it seems like he is getting that chance to have a much larger role, and I think he will capitalize on that.

Ed Dickson isn't a bad player at all, he was just overshadowed by Pitta and how much Flacco threw to him. Dickson has never started a game for the Ravens, and he will finally get that chance in Week 1 of the regular season versus the Denver Broncos. I think he will use starting to his advantage, and he will be one of the main targets for the Ravens this year, replacing Dennis Pitta.

Q6: Do you love the chippy practices? - Terrin Wilson

I kind of do! I think it is funny when some of the guys go at it during practice. They never harm one another, and it always helps give the media something to talk about.

When testosterone is everywhere, it's boiling hot, and there are tons of guys hitting each other anyway, it makes a good setup for a skirmish.

I am fine when players hit each other a little bit, so they can get it all out before they really have to buckle down and be serious when the preseason and regular season comes around.

As long as nobody gets seriously hurt, I am perfectly fine with them using their fists to settle an argument or make them feel better.

Q7: Do you think Caldwell will use Leach the same as last year? - Terrin Wilson

I think so. The fullback position is not big in Caldwell's offensive style, but Leach should be used the same amount as he was last year. Leach will come in on 3rd & 1 situations, goal-line situations, and a lot of running plays, where he will block for Ray Rice or Bernard Pierce while they are carrying the rock.

Leach will be utilized basically the same as last year. The offense was successful under Caldwell last season, so why make a change?

Q8: What are the odds that Dennis Pitta will come back to the team next year, since he will be an UFA? - Ray Tchoulakian

I believe that no matter what happens this season with Dickson, Pitta will be returning. He is a top 6 tight-end in the league, and he has more chemistry with Joe Flacco than any other WR/TE/RB on the team. Pitta is Flacco's favorite target, so I would imagine Flacco would push for the Ravens to re-sign Pitta after the end of next season. Also, Pitta and Flacco are best friends off of the field, so that helps, as well.

Dennis Pitta should be wearing purple & black next season, but if he isn't, Ozzie will ensure that Joe Flacco has one heck-of-a tight-end to throw to, even if that man is Ed Dickson.

Q9: What NBA franchise/team would you consider to run like the Ravens? - @realWillThrill

This is a tough one to answer. I'd have to go with the Miami Heat, as much as I hate to say it.

The front office of that organization knows how to bring in talent, keep talent, and make sure their talent is happy. You never see Dwyane Wade, LeBron James, Chris Bosh, Norris Cole, Mario Chalmers, etc. complaining and wanting out of Miami, just like nobody does that with the Ravens.

Ozzie Newsome is probably the best General Manager in all of professional sports, and he runs his organization very well and efficiently. The Miami Heat organization is ran somewhat as good as the Ravens, but Pat Riley could never surpass Ozzie Newsome as the best GM in all of professional sports.

Also, I just want everyone to know that I am one of the biggest non-Heat supporters. I am an Orlando Magic fan and I despise LeBron James and the Miami Heat, but I have to give it up for the way their organization is run. They do work down there in Miami.

Q10: What statistic is the most important when determining the quality of a quarterback? - FrankenSizzle on BB

This is a very hard one to answer. Most people would say QBR, but I believe that is one of the lousiest stats in the game of football. I was thinking more along the lines of yards or completed passes/pass attempts.

I would say that those two stats are important because yards is what helps a team get down the field, and completed passes/pass attempts shows how accurate a quarterback is.

If you go by TD's it can be misleading, since a quarterback could be put in the game while it is 1st & Goal on the 1 yard-line and score a touchdown, but that doesn't really show how good a quarterback is.

To really see how great a quarterback is, you have to look at all the stats, watch film, and then come to a decision. Stats do not measure how good a player is, especially not only one of them.

Q11: Besides the 50 yard-line behind the Ravens bench, where are the best seats in M&T Bank Stadium? - FrankenSizzle on BB

I've only been to one Ravens game at M&T Bank Stadium, and that was last year. My seats were terrific. I sat a few rows back from the tunnel where they come out.

I'm not sure what section or anything it was. I also have pictures that we took from our seats. I will try to figure out these things for next week's mailbag!

Q12: If you could pick one player from the offense and defense of any other team that would make a great Raven, who would it be? Here's the catcher: Who would you give up on our squad of the same position and caliber? Example: Torrey Smith for Calvin Johnson -- Not David Reed for Calvin Johnson. - FrankenSizzle on BB

Very entertaining question!

If I had to choose someone on the offensive side, I would have to choose: Larry Fitzgerald for Torrey Smith.

I'm sorry, Torrey, but I'd have to give you up if I wanted Fitz. Larry Fitzgerald may not be the best receiver in the league, but he definitely could fit in with the Ravens organization and do well here. Fitzgerald is a very cool guy and hasn't let the fame get to his head, like some big name players. Also, with Joe Flacco throwing the ball to Larry Fitzgerald, we would have a future Hall-of-Fame duo on our hands.

If I had to choose someone on the defensive side, I would have to choose: Julius Peppers for Chris Canty.

Yes, I said it. I would love to have Peppers on our team. Of course, he is getting on up there in age (33), but he still can play football. He is amazing at getting after the quarterback, and it wouldn't be too bad to have an 8-time Pro-Bowl DE on the Ravens. Peppers is also a fun, cool guy. I remember watching him when he was in Carolina and he was every fan's favorite player, especially if you were a UNC Tar Heel fan, like myself.

Just so you guys know, I would NEVER want to give Torrey or Canty away, but for the sake of this question, I had to say it.

Well, I think that's all for this week's edition of Tuesday's Mailbag! I had a wonderful time answering all of these questions! I will still need more for next week! Remember to email me questions at, tweet them to me @Frezeal33, or leave them in the comments below! I hope you guys have a wonderful rest of the week! I know I will have a fun weekend in Baltimore! See you next time, Ravens Nation!