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Flacco Ravens' New Iron Man?

Joe Flacco is one start away from the most consecutive starts in team history

Harry How

Baltimore knows a thing or two about iron men, and Ravens' quarterback Joe Flacco is just one start away from passing former Raven Jarrett Johnson for the most consecutive starts in team history. Flacco has yet to miss a start in his 5-year career in Baltimore and his 80 consecutive regular season starts rank 3rd in the NFL behind Eli Manning (135) and Philip Rivers (112).

Flacco has come under a lot of scrutiny and criticism from Baltimore fans as well as fans all around the league, especially since his monster-sized pay day following the Ravens' Super Bowl victory. One thing critics cannot dispute, however, is Flacco's durability. 80 consecutive starts is quite impressive, especially at a position like quarterback where you are often vulnerable to some nasty blindside hits. Not to mention the fact that, as a quarterback, the defense paints a giant target on your back to begin with.

Barring an injury or suspension between now and the September 5th opener in Denver, Flacco is almost certain to claim the title of Ravens' Iron Man.