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Ngata in Better Shape Than Last Year

Ravens DT Haloti Ngata began training camp this season in much better physical condition than last year

This time last year, Ravens' defensive tackle Haloti Ngata was heading into training camp overweight and struggled mightily with his conditioning. This year, however, it seems Ngata is committed to beginning the season on a good note. Ngata reportedly showed up to training camp in remarkably better shape than he was in last year, and had no problem passing the team's conditioning test.

"I'm way ahead of last year", Ngata said. "This year I came in in better shape, I'm feeling great."

It is relieving to know that Ngata is feeling good physically heading into the 2013 season, as his presence on defense could be more crucial than ever. Ngata seems to be back at 100% after a knee injury knocked him out of the Super Bowl and the Ravens' run defense suffered noticeably. Hopefully, Ngata can roll with this good momentum and prime himself for a stellar 2013 season after a rather disappointing season in 2012 where he didn't quite look like his usual dominant self.