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Will Ravens Offense Struggle in 2013?

The Ravens now have potential holes at receiver and tight end.

Greg Bartram-USA TODAY Sports

I hate to be writing negative articles, but this might be a concern.

The Ravens only have one proven starting wide receiver. Now they lost another major weapon in Dennis Pitta. I actually believe they are going to stay around where we were (which isn't spectacular) on offense. I'll go over the two positions that we might have problems in, and see what I think of them now.

Wide receiver

This has been a concern ever since Anquan Boldin was traded. My Tommy Streeter dreams aren't panning out this year, from what I know. Tandon Doss has been good at camp. I haven't heard much about Deonte Thompson. And of course Jacoby Jones is getting the rest of the first team reps.

I am hoping that Doss and Thompson can step up, with Jones focusing on only returning kicks and punts. Doss is the only slot receiver of those three. I'm not sure what coach John Harbaugh meant when he said Doss dropped a couple, but also caught a lot. Does that mean that he had 20 catches and two drops? Or could it mean that he had 10 catches and four drops? I'd need to know how many drops he had versus how many he caught. I don't think they record that info, but it'd be nice to know. I think we will be fine at receiver because I believe Thompson and Doss will be the ones to step up. I hope Streeter takes one of their places next year.

Tight end

I think we already are decent at tight end. I think Ed Dickson will do solid starting. I also like the Visanthe Shiancoe signing. I remember watching him with the Vikings (this was two-to-three years ago) and he seemed good to me. He never was amazing, but he had reliable hands and could get four-eight catches a game (I'm not sure if that info is right, that is just a guess from watching some games). I think he will be a very good No. 2 tight end. All in all, I think the Ravens are fine at tight end.

I am starting to think we need to sign Vonta Leach again. If we could use him to get our run game going, it would open up our passing game. I think our offense should be around last year's level.

What do you think Pitta will do next summer? He will be a free agent. Do you think he will sign a one year deal with the Ravens? Would he look for the highest paying one year deal on the free agent market? Would he look for a multi-year deal on the free agent market? Do you think anybody would give it to him? Would we give it to him?