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Harbaugh: Ravens Staying Patient With Vonta Leach

After Friday's practice, John Harbaugh said there's nothing new on the Vonta Leach front.

The Ravens are remaining patient as Vonta Leach nears a final decision.
The Ravens are remaining patient as Vonta Leach nears a final decision.

The Ravens are still waiting to hear whether Vonta Leach will re-sign with the organization.

Late Thursday night, a report from the Newark Star-Ledger stated that Leach was leaning toward picking the Ravens over the Giants, Dolphins and Texans. The Ravens have offered a contract worth $2 million with an additional $1 million in incentives.

Ravens coach John Harbaugh said he didn't have an update on the matter and that he was unsure where the report came from.

"As far as I know, nothing has changed," Harbaugh said. "We're patient about it right now. We haven't forced the issue. We're looking at some of our guys and where we're at on our roster right now. But I believe [general manager] Ozzie [Newsome] and Vonta are still talking."

Leach's addition would allow rookie Kyle Juszczyk to learn the ropes in his first NFL season. Leach is arguably the best fullback in the NFL, though one of the old-school, lead-blocking types that are being phased out of the NFL.

If no team offers Leach anything better than a one-year deal (regardless of money), then coming back to the Ravens might make the most sense. He'd earn a lot of money in one year, he's familiar with the Ravens' offensive system and he'll have a good chance to continue winning ball games.

A week ago it surfaced that the Dolphins, presumed to be the leader for Leach, never issued a formal offer to Leach. Even so, I wrote the likelihood of Leach returning was slim.

In a week's time, it would appear the opposite is more likely to take place.

Leach has been holding out for job security, to get a contract for longer than just a year, and to be compensated as such also. It's clear he hasn't had the market he hoped for.

The best situation at this time might be for Leach to return to Baltimore. He could ease back in and aid the running game at a decent chunk of change for the amount of snaps he'll see the field for.

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