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NFL and Players Closer to Agreement on HGH Testing

The NFLPA and the NFL are finally taking steps in moving toward an official HGH testing policy

Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

Roughly two years after agreeing in principle to allow HGH (human growth hormone) testing in the new collective bargaining agreement, it looks like the NFL and NFLPA are finally making strides toward an actual testing policy for the performance enhancing drug.

The two sides have agreed to allow a population study that would allow the league to determine whether the HGH levels of professional football players are significantly different than the levels of the general population.

While there is no official policy in place for testing players for the use of HGH, at least the league is taking steps toward making the game cleaner and fair for the players who do, in fact, play the rules. It is about time the NFL joined the MLB in exposing the stars who are seeking to gain an unfair advantage on their competitors through the use of this hormone.

Sadly, at the rate it took the two sides to come to an agreement on this population study, who knows how long it will be before the league actually begins to test it's players for the use of HGH.