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Harbaugh Eyeing Ravens Dynasty

Head coach John Harbaugh has his sights set on building the Ravens into the NFL's next dynasty


The NFL has not seen a dynasty since the 2001-04 New England Patriots, but this doesn't discourage Ravens' head coach John Harbaugh. As training camp begins for the defending champions, Harbaugh's vision for his team is very clear. In an interview with the team's website, he shared that vision, "Now we are step closer to building what we are talking about building. That's always been the idea. The idea is to build that dynasty. That's always been what we;ve said we're trying to accomplish here and that was the ultimate mission."

I find it reassuring to know that Harbaugh is setting the bar high for a team that is loaded with talent across the board, despite losing a number of pieces from the 2012 Super Bowl puzzle, including two future Hall of Famers in linebacker Ray Lewis and free safety Ed Reed. Defending a championship in today's NFL is harder than it has ever been and a good number of recent NFL champions have seen their post-championship seasons crumble before their eyes. There is no doubt that Harbaugh has his work cut out for him, but at least he's got his head in the right place.