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Who is Your Favorite Raven?

Who is your favorite player on the Ravens?

Torrey Smith looking surprised while talking to teammates.
Torrey Smith looking surprised while talking to teammates.
Rob Carr

I have recently been asked who my favorite player on the Ravens is, multiple times. I can never answer this question.

I am one of those guys that can't pick a favorite. In the NBA I have a favorite player, but not in the NFL, especially not on the Ravens. I like all of the guys so much, some more than others, but not one more than the other 52.

I used to say that Ray Lewis was my favorite, since he was the guy that brought be into liking the Ravens years and years ago. Now, since Ray has retired, it is difficult to pick a favorite. There are so many great players to choose from:

  • Torrey Smith
  • Ray Rice
  • Joe Flacco
  • Terrell Suggs
  • Elvis Dumervil
  • Jacoby Jones
  • Lardarius Webb
  • Haloti Ngata
The list goes on and on.

I was wondering if you guys have a favorite Raven? I would love to know who and why they are your favorite!

Answer away, Baltimore Beatdown!