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The Super Bowl Curse

There have been 9 players to return kickoffs for touchdowns in the Super Bowl. They all have something in common.


In February, Jacoby Jones became the ninth man to return a kick for a touchdown in the Super Bowl. His 108 yard return is a moment that will live in the memories of Ravens fans for a long time. It seemed at the time to be the icing on the cake, but the blackout turned the tide in the favor of the West Coasters. Jacoby Jones joined a club that seems to be a blessing and a curse:

Fulton Walker

Stanford Jennings

Andre Coleman

Desmond Howard

Tim Dwight

Ron Dixon

Jermaine Lewis

Devin Hester

The one thing that all these men have in common is that they really never became more than a kick returner. Devin Hester still has a chance to be a decent wide receiver in the NFL, but the others proved that scored a return touchdown in the Super Bowl is about as good as it gets.

Jacoby Jones will try to make a meaningful impact as a receiver on the Ravens this year. If Jacoby plans to be a number two receiver on a playoff team he will need to buck the trend of the special teams Super Bowl heroes.