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Super Bowl XLVII Rematch in Uniform Battle

It is the Ravens vs. 49ers in the Final Four of the Uniform Battle.

Women's Shirts at a store in New Orleans during Super Bowl XLVII.
Women's Shirts at a store in New Orleans during Super Bowl XLVII.
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Baltimore Ravens defeated the Oakland Raiders in the AFC Championship of the Elite Eight in's Greatest Uniform in NFL History tournament. Now, they are up against the San Francisco 49ers in the Final Four.

A rematch of Super Bowl XLVII, the 49ers and Ravens go up against each other in the current jersey finals. The winner of this match-up will be up against the toughest competition in the entire tournament; the Carolina Panthers 2012 Alternate jerseys, if they keep their huge lead on the 1961-65 Chargers. We'll save discussing that match-up for when [if] the Ravens move on to the championship game.

The main jerseys that are being debated here are the Ravens' home purple & black jerseys vs. the 49ers' home red & gold jerseys. Both look great, but which looks the best?

Dave Dameshek, the host of this tournament, goes in favor of the Ravens' opponent once again. It seems like it is a normal thing now. In the video, Dameshek says:

"The Uniform Monitor leans left, aka to the West Coast, over the East Coast."

In the original videos, Dameshek talks about how "incomplete" the Ravens' road uniforms are, then he picked the Raiders to win last round, and is now picking the 49ers to win in this round. I would love to prove him wrong once more. It will be a funny sight if he loses again.

The Ravens deserve to win this match-up, since they do have better colors, in my opinion. It's up to you guys how you vote, but I hope that all of the Ravens fans that read this lean towards the defending Super Bowl Champions. Here is the vote count for both match-ups at the time this article was published:

#11 Baltimore Ravens: 115,977 -- #1 San Francisco 49ers: 116,729

#15 2012 Carolina Panthers Alternate: 638,129 -- #1 1961-65 San Diego Chargers: 534,376

The Ravens-49ers match-up is close, so we need everyone to go vote!

The Ravens need to beat the 49ers for the second time in 2013, and you guys can make that happen.

Voting ends July 21st at 9:00 PM EST.


Go to to VOTE for the Ravens.

To watch the Ravens-49ers video, go here.