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Why the refs won us the superbowl

We are great cheaters

Just seeing if you know how I think. We won the superbowl because we cheated. Obviously every call was made for us and the other team never got any calls. We were always holding they never were. If we score a touchdown, something should have been called. Ray Lewis murdered somebody, so he should be in prison. Ray Lewis used antler spray, so he should have been suspended. Either way, the refs missed every single call possible just so we could win the superbowl. Chris Culliver never bumped anybody, that's just Torrey flopping. Crabtree was not even touching Jimmy, Jimmy just shoved him out of frustration. Those refs should be fired for their performance. The Niners should have won the superbowl. Commish Roger just sets up everything every year, which is why other teams never win the superbowl. Oh, forgot to mention, I'm a 49ers fan. I'm not mocking anybody, I'm just always right about everything, so don't doubt me. I'm a 49ers fan. JUST KIDDING. Happy July Fools, I invented a new holiday.