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Poll: What Is Your Favorite Sports Movie?

Every now-and-then Hollywood will release a sports movie that really gets the attention of American movie-goers. Whether it be the prototypical "underdogs winning the championship", "aging superstar making one last run at glory", or even the "seemingly average guy becoming the team's star player" plot, sports movies (when done right) scintillate the passion of people all across the nation.

Personally, my favorite sports movie of all-time has to be Major League; the story of a bunch of outcast baseball players coming together to miraculously make the Cleveland Indians a contending team despite their owner's various attempts to sabotage the team so she can move the team to Miami. Major League has it all; humor, an entertaining plot, Charlie Sheen winning (as usual), and even a love story between Cleveland catcher, Jake Taylor, and his old flame to keep the chicks entertained. To me, this is one of those movies you can watch over and over again and not ever get tired of it.

So Baltimore Beat Down, what is your favorite sports movie of all-time?