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Two Perspectives: Behind the Show

A look behind my podcast and our story.

The logo of the sports show, "Two Perspectives: Sports Show."
The logo of the sports show, "Two Perspectives: Sports Show."
Alex Strouf; WTLC

I have been through a lot when it comes to the podcast world. Let me tell you my story.

In January of 2013, I jumped on Spreecast with a friend of mine, Alex Strouf, from Welcome to Loud City (SB Nation's Oklahoma City Thunder site.) We started out doing a show for a sports forum. When we did the show for this forum, we interviewed guys like James Blair, the man that ran out on the court to see LeBron during a Cavaliers-Heat game, along with J From Compton, a 710 ESPN Radio LA Personality. Interviews like this continued to occur, but we eventually got tired.

We decided to stop the sports forum, and move out on our own. We created a show entitled "The Week in Sports," and we had a blast doing it. On The Week in Sports, we would do an episode every Tuesday, talking about the big news in sports for the past week. We had a guest for every show, which would usually end up being a writer for SB Nation. We would play sports trivia games with the guests, talk to them about what they do, and talk about any other sports topics that we felt were relevant. After all of this, we still felt that we wanted more.

At the beginning of July, we began working on a show that would be called "Two Perspectives: Sports Show," which would be audio, instead of the video that Spreecast had. We eventually got the idea to contact iTunes, our best idea yet. After rigorous phone calls and work, we were successful in getting our new podcast on iTunes, but we still felt that we needed more.

We decided to contact the manager of the podcast section of both the Windows Store AND the Zune Store. After we contacted him, he got back to us in no time, and put our podcast up within hours.

The point of this small story is that we are now a podcast on multiple platforms that include:

  • iTunes
  • The Windows Store
  • The Zune Store
We are still working on getting on the Google Play store somehow, but that will come at a later date.

As of now, we are on all three of the platforms listed above, and we come out with a new episode every three or four days. Our last episode was on Wednesday, July 17th.

To listen to our show, you don't have to only have an iPhone, Windows Phone, or Zune. You can click on THIS LINK, which will take you to the iTunes site, where you can download it straight to your computer and listen to it. Of course, you may have to download iTunes before you can download the podcast. Do not fret, iTunes is 100% free and will not hurt your computer at all.

Two Perspectives is a fun, interactive sports podcast. It is not edited, which means that you get our good parts, as well as our mistakes. We mainly talk about NBA, NFL, MLB, and College Sports. It is a great show to listen to, especially since it is hosted by two SB Nation journalists.

I will be posting every new episode here on Baltimore Beatdown, so stay tuned for that!

I hope you listen to our podcast and enjoy it. All you have to do, if you're searching for it on a mobile device, is search, "Two Perspectives," and our logo should pop up. Our logo is the picture at the beginning of this article.

To get updates about the show, follow me on Twitter @Frezeal33, along with my podcast partner Alex Strouf, @LetsGoAlex.

Remember to listen to our show and have fun with it! This is mainly for you guys, Baltimore Beatdown!

Of course, in every story, there are always Two Perspectives.