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Hello Ravens Fans, It's Nice to Meet You

New SB Nation Ravens blogger Jason Butt greets the Baltimore Beatdown community.

Ravens fans, it's nice to meet you today.
Ravens fans, it's nice to meet you today.
Patrick Smith

Hello Ravens fans.

I’m pleased to announce that I will be the new lead blogger for the Baltimore Beat Down website. Already, I can tell this is a passionate group of fans that love their Ravens football team. Though I did not come here to write as a fan, I encourage all Ravens fans that wish to comment, write or post about the team to do so, as long as its respectful and in good fun.

A little bit about myself: I grew up in a small town called Watkinsville, Ga., just outside of Athens where the University of Georgia is. I studied journalism there and graduated in 2009. My first job out of college was with as one of its RapidReports correspondents. After two years covering the Atlanta Falcons, I moved to Maryland and began covering the Ravens.

For the record, I am not a Falcons fan. I grew up in the south but most children down there live and breathe college football. On Saturdays, I regularly cheer on the Dawgs each fall and through each offseason.

Now that I’m with SB Nation’s Baltimore Beat Down, I hope to continue that coverage here and engage with one of the most proud fan bases in the NFL. Look for a steady stream of content to come ahead.

Thanks for your continued support by reading what we have to write. We’re a dedicated bunch that do this for the love of writing and the love of America’s greatest game, football.

The Ravens, looking to defend their 2012 Super Bowl championship, look just as tough, albeit with a few different faces. They should be a tough team to cover and follow this year.

I invite you all to join in on the ride.

Follow me on twitter: @JasonHButt