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A Few Milestones To Watch For In 2013

Rob Carr

2013 will be a year of milestones for the Baltimore Ravens. With the 2013 NFL season rapidly approaching, many milestones are on the horizon for our players. While I am in the "stats aren't important" category of fans, it is always nice to fantasize about what the future brings for our players. So let's take a look at these possible upcoming milestones:

Joe Flacco To Break 20,000 Passing Yards

Since being drafted by the Baltimore Ravens in 2008 Joe Flacco has not missed a game. Up to this point in his career, Joe has averaged 3,526 passing yards per season. With his career total for passing yardage currently sitting at 17,633, Joe needs just 2,367 more yards to break the 20,000 yard mark.

If Joe were to do this, he would become exactly the 100th player in NFL history to accumulate 20,000 passing yards (if Matt Ryan doesn't get there first). While he currently owns every major passing record for the Baltimore Ravens, this would be a nice milestone for Joe in what has been an extraordinary career up to date.

Ray Rice To Rack Up 50 Combined Touchdowns

With Ray Rice currently a little over 2,200 yards away from the Baltimore Ravens all-time rushing record, it appears we will have to wait a couple more seasons to give him Jamal Lewis' crown. In the meantime, however, Ray Rice has another milestone in his sights; 50 total combined touchdowns.

It's been well-publicized that Ray Rice is a dual-threat on the ground and through the air, and this season he will get a chance to show it. Rice has 39 combined touchdowns to this point in his career, so with a successful 2013 it's safe to say Rice could have have a "half-a-buck" this time next year.

100 Sacks For Suggs?

Since graduating from "Ball-so-Hard University" and being drafted by the Ravens in 2003, Terrell Suggs has simply been a nightmare for quarterbacks; knocking down signal-callers an outstanding 84.5 times! While 15.5 sacks might be a hard feat for Suggs (whose maximum single season total is 14.0) to accomplish, one thing we know about Sizzle is that he's always up for a challenge.