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Ravens in Elite Eight of Uniform Contest

The Baltimore Ravens are in the Elite Eight of Dave Dameshek's "Greatest Uniform in NFL History" tournament.

Mannequin of RB Ray Rice at Super Bowl XLVII in February.
Mannequin of RB Ray Rice at Super Bowl XLVII in February.
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Baltimore Ravens have advanced to the Elite Eight in the's Greatest Uniform in NFL History tournament.

They have their current uniform facing off against the Oakland Raiders' current uniform in the Current AFC Uniform Finals. If the Ravens can get past the Raiders here, they will face off against either the current Seattle Seahawks or current San Francisco 49ers' uniforms.

In the video about the match-up, Dave Dameshek of states that, "Silver & Black is where it's at," meaning he likes the Raiders uniforms more. In the previous video about the Ravens' uniform, Dameshek described all of the Ravens' uniforms, besides the purple home jerseys, as "incomplete or unfished." Dameshek also says that the Raven's uniform has had more of an improbable run than Joe Flacco in the playoffs. The Ravens' uniform is an 11-seed in the tournament.

The Baltimore Ravens need to win this so they can show everyone who has the best uniforms in the AFC, but most importantly, show and Dave Dameshek that their uniforms are for real.

Here are the current match-ups in the Elite Eight:

AFC Uniforms Bracket: #11 Baltimore Ravens vs. #1 Oakland Raiders

NFC Uniforms Bracket: #6 Seattle Seahawks vs. #1 San Francisco 49ers

AFC Throwback Bracket: #3 1963 Oakland Raiders vs. #1 1961-65 San Diego Chargers

NFC Throwback Bracket: #15 2012 Carolina Panthers Alternate vs. #4 1973-80 Los Angeles Rams

All four of these match-ups are very good, but I only care about one of them.

The Ravens vs. the Raiders is a terrific match-up between uniforms, as they both support the color black, but one is purple and the other is silver. I know which one I like best.

Everyone needs to go VOTE on, as the voting ends today, July 17th at 9:00 PM EST. The Final Four will then begin, and hopefully the Baltimore Ravens will be included.

At the time this article was published, here is the vote count for each match-up:

Ravens: 207,095 -- Raiders: 142,971

Seahawks: 152,698 -- 49ers: 174,153

2012 Panthers: 176,084 -- 1973-80 Rams: 60,710

1963 Raiders: 120,360 -- 1961-65 Chargers: 176,378

To vote, go to this website.


The Ravens vs. the Raiders video is here.

The Seahawks vs. 49ers video is here.

The 2012 Panthers vs. the 1973-80 Rams video is here.

The 1963 Raiders vs. the 1961-65 Chargers video is here.