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2013 Must-See Ravens Game

The defending Super Bowl Champions face a tough schedule ahead of them if they want to have any chance of repeating.

Charles LeClaire-US PRESSWIRE

The Baltimore Ravens not only won the Super Bowl, but also finished in first place in theAFC North. In the NFL, when you finish the season in first place in your division, you play the other first place teams in your conference. That means, even though the rest of the AFC North plays the entire AFC East, the Ravens play the first place finishers in both the AFC South and West.

So while Baltimore plays the Houston Texans and Denver Broncos in 2013, the second-place team in their division, the Cincinnati Bengals, play the Indianapolis Colts and San Diego Chargers and the 3rd place Pittsburgh Steelers only have to face the Tennessee Titans and Oakland Raiders.

This means a tough but exciting schedule of great match-ups for the Ravens, which brings us to the big question. In addition to these aforementioned games, what one game would you want to attend, if you could only pick one game from the Ravens 2013 regular season?

Would it be another classic street-fight with the Steelers,perhaps the one on Thanksgiving night? What about the season-opening rematch at the Denver Broncos, the game that should be held in Baltimore?

There's another game with the hated New England Patriots, the pair with the Bengals or perhaps the revenge game hosting the Texans, who blasted the Ravens last year in Houston. Don't forget the Ravens also play all four teams in the NFC North.

You can only have one choice,but of course you can list them in order. How about your top three? Mine would be Pittsburgh in Baltimore on Thanksgiving, at Denver to open the season and then I want to see how this team matches up with the Green Bay Packers in what both teams fans would gladly settle for a preview of Super Bowl XLVIII.