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Your Final Ravens Request

A fan of the Cleveland Browns passed away recently and as part of his obituary, one of his final requests was for the team to send six pall bearers to his funeral in order that he could be let down one more time.

Larry French

A story on detailed the fan's final request, which not only was hilarious, but good enough to apparently have the team send a representative to his funeral. A related story on SB Nation listed the last requests of various writers there for their favorite teams.

This led me to wonder what my final request would be, related to my passion for the Baltimore Ravens. I've said many times that I wanted to be cremated and my ashes secretly spread on the playing field at Baltimore's M&T Bank Stadium, so that I could be sure my kids would visit me at least eight times per year.

What would your last request be, Ravens-style? Would you want to be buried under the end zone, so Jacoby Jones would dance on top of you after returning another kickoff for a TD? Understand that there is zero intent to focus on the morbidity of the topic, but the Browns story was humorous enough to lend the question to entertain us during this slow part of the off-season before the team heads to Training Camp in the next week or so.