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Purple Friday: Still Intact?

During the season, Baltimore is COVERED with Purple on Fridays. Does it still occur during the off-season?

Fans cover M&T Bank Stadium during the Ravens' victory parade.
Fans cover M&T Bank Stadium during the Ravens' victory parade.
Maxwell Kruger-USA TODAY Sports

I asked on Twitter a few weeks ago if anyone still does Purple Friday like I do, even though it's the off-season. I got about 5 responses, all saying that yes, they in fact do wear purple on Friday. If you have been living under a rock and you do not know what Purple Friday is, let me briefly explain it to you. Purple Friday is every Friday, and on Purple Friday you are supposed to wear purple to support the Baltimore Ravens.

Let me tell you about my Purple Friday story.

I wear purple EVERY SINGLE FRIDAY, and I haven't missed a Friday in a very long time. I always make sure that I wear the color purple to honor my Ravens, since I am such a huge fan. People at school began to notice that I wore purple every Friday, and they eventually began to ask me why. I would say things like: "It's Purple Friday! Every Friday is Purple Friday! Did you not know?" After that, multiple kids at my school begin to wear purple on Fridays consistently, even though they had no idea why they were wearing it.

I live in North Carolina, so I am the only Ravens fan, besides my family, in my area. Everyone knows that I am a die-hard Ravens fan, mainly because I wear something purple and/or something about the Ravens every single day. (Quick story: I had an article published in my local newspaper about my high school, and this one guy that works with my grandmother showed it to some kids that he takes care of, or something like that. He asked the kids if they knew me, and they proceeded to tell him, and I quote, "Yeah! We know him! He's that Ravens fan!" No lie.)

It is amazing that some of the people around here continue to do it, and haven't really realized what it is for. I even had a Steelers fan wearing purple every Friday!

Well, that was my story! Now, my question goes to you, readers of Baltimore Beatdown. Do you guys still wear the color purple on Fridays to support your Ravens? How about the entire city of Baltimore? Is it still covered in purple every Friday? Also, please tell me any of your interesting stories about Purple Friday!