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How Could The Ravens Improve the Stadium Experience?

The in-game stadium experience has become a hot topic. What could the Ravens do to improve it?

Patrick McDermott

There has been a lot of discussion in recent years in regards to the in-game experience. With the advent of fantasy football, NFL Red Zone and better access to gambling, fans could be saving their money and staying on the couch. Certainly if you are not a die hard fan of the team in your town, there is reason to stay home if one or all of the above is your passion. In terms of the Ravens, they have had no problem with attracting fans. There is a long wait list for PSLs and they sell out playoff games in minutes. For the sake of argument, what do you think the Ravens could do to improve the in game experience?

The one major improvement I would like to see is with the out of town statistics on the small banner board under the jumbo screens. The layout does not seem very intuitive and it is very hard to follow. I am far from a die hard fantasy football player, but I can imagine that someone who is might be pretty upset about this on Sunday afternoons. The Ravens could certainly do a better job of even more clearly showing the real time stats of the Ravens game. I know they show team stats at the end of each quarter, but if you miss this then you are out of luck.

Wireless internet has been long called for by technologically inclined fans. I know a lot of Ravens fans have complained about not being able to get any sort of service in the stadium. I think wireless would enhance the fan experience anywhere. I think it allows you to know more about the game. For instance, if someone is not on the field you might be able to find out that they were injured or why they went to the locker room. I am all for WiFi in the stadium and think the Ravens should look into this.

The latest on this topic has come from the Jacksonville Jaguars, of all places. They have kicked around the idea of putting NFL Red Zone on the video board during their games. Would you want to see this at M&T Bank? I personally think this would be incredibly confusing and distracting, but for fans who are interested in more than one game; this might be for them. I personally enjoy the replays from an angle that you didn't see the play from live. All in all, the Ravens do an outstanding job and the product on the field certainly has a lot to do with that. I certainly enjoy stepping into M&T Bank Stadium every time I get the opportunity.

What would you change about the in-game experience at M&T Bank Stadium?