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Will Ravens Use More Two Tight End Sets?

The losses of Anquan Boldin and Vonta Leach could mean the Ravens plan on running more two tight end sets

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Ravens offense suffered a serious blow this offseason when the team decided to ship wide receiver Anquan Boldin to San Fransisco in exchange for sixth-round draft pick. The team also released All-Pro fullback Vonta Leach, who is arguably the best run blocking fullback in the league. While the team has made Leach another offer to return to Baltimore, it is unclear whether or not he will be returning.

The losses of a possession receiver like Boldin and road-grating fullback like Leach could mean that the Ravens plan to run more two tight end sets in 2013. Boldin's absence will surely be felt as the Ravens will have to find new ways to move the ball over the middle and complete passes in traffic. The good news is that the Ravens have two very talented young tight ends in Dennis Pitta and Ed Dickson who are more than capable of making plays in the passing game. As far as the absence of Leach, the team did draft fullback Kyle Juszczyk in the fourth round of April's draft, but Juszczyk is more of an H-back type receiving threat and a special teams ace than a true run-blocking fullback.

Leach saw decreased playing time during the 2012 playoffs under new offensive coordinater Jim Caldwell. Caldwell, the former head coach of the Colts, rarely ever used a fullback in the offense he ran during his time in Indianapolis and its looks like he is planning on implementing the same philosophy in Baltimore.

All signs point to a much heavier involvement on offense in 2013 for Ravens' tight ends Dennis Pitta and Ed Dickson.