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Where Does Tyrod Taylor Rank As Backup QB?

A month ago, I asked readers of Baltimore Beatdown if they thought Tyrod Taylor was enough as Joe Flacco's backup.

Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

Apparently so, as 55% said he had enough experience in the Baltimore Ravens system to do just fine in Joe Flacco's absence.

However, according to an article on titled, "Ranking the NFL's backup quarterbacks," Around The League Writer Marc Sessler sees Tyrod Taylor as merely average. In fact, he ranks Taylor at #16 in the league as a backup QB. Sessler puts Taylor in his third-tier grouping called "Strong Support."

His comment on Taylor is this:

"Taylor would see more snaps in another system, but Joe Flacco's durability has him on lockdown."

Sessler's top two backups in his top category, titled, "Pair of Aces," are Washington Redskins backup Kirk Cousins and Dallas Cowboys backup Kyle Orton. At least he rates Pittsburgh Steelers backup Bruce Gradkowski #20 and Cincinnati Bengals backup Josh Johnson #26.