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Ravens-Steelers In Greatest Uniform Battle

The best rivalry in the NFL right now has both teams up against each other for the greatest uniform in history.

Patrick Smith

The Baltimore Ravens and Pittsburgh Steelers face off at least twice each season in what is arguably the best rivalry in the NFL. Now they are matched up against each other in the voting for the Greatest Uniform in NFL History on

The Ravens beat the Cleveland Browns in the first round and the Cincinnati Bengals in the second round and coincidently now face their third AFC North opponent in what is basically the Sweet Sixteen. Meanwhile, the Steelers beat the San Diego Chargers and Buffalo Bills to get to this point.

The other side of the AFC Bracket has the Oakland Raiders favored to defeat the Houston Texans. The two additional "regions" are the Throwback Brackets in the AFC & NFC.

Voting ends July 14th at 6pm (PST), so head on over through the link above and vote early and often for the Ravens to disappoint Steelers fans once again!