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Will Ravens Dip Into Supplemental Draft?

The NFL Supplemental Draft is tomorrow (Thursday) and the question is will anyone make their mark like in the past?


Most teams pass on taking players in the NFL Supplemental Draft, although there is always the chance that there will be that one guy who makes a splash. In 2007, the Baltimore Ravens selected University of Maryland OT Jared Gaither in the 5th round of the Supplemental Draft.

Gaither watched and learned behind one of the best in the game, Jonathan Ogden, then went out and surprised a lot of people by playing solid as the Ravens left tackle. However, his welcome on the team soured quickly with questionable injuries as well as an unapproved weight loss and he was let go and has wandered around the league since then.

The 2013 NFL Supplemental Draft is Thursday and in a story on, there are a few players who could hear their name announced and make the jump just before Training Camps open around the league. A total of only six players are available to be drafted, four on defense and two wide receivers on the offensive side of the ball.

SB Nation's draft blog, Mocking The Draft, has a more detailed breakdown of the six players eligible. The exact wording of the Supplemental Draft rules are listed at Pro Football Talk.

The most questionable issue with drafting players through the SupplementalDraft is that the reasons these guys are available is usually not for good reasons. Academic ineligibility is the usual case, but there are also players who were dismissed from their teams for behavior issues as well.

Three of the six players were listed as academically ineligible and two appear to have had behavior issues that could deter teams from selecting them.

Will the Ravens consider giving up a specific mid-to-late round draft choice to select a player? We will find out come Thursday afternoon.