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NFL Offseason Arrests: When Will it End?

Browns rookie Ausar Walcott is the 28th NFL player to be arrested since the Super Bowl on February 3. What will the NFL do?


The arrest of Ausar Walcott in New Jersey on Thursday for an attempted murder charge marks the 28th NFL arrest since the Super Bowl, a staggering number for a span of just five months. Aaron Hernandez's brutal murder charge on multiple counts headlines the long list of offseason arrests.

Hernandez, Desmond Bryant, Pacman Jones, and the Ravens' own Rolando McClain are a few of the bigger names on the arrest list. Some of the players, such as Pacman Jones, are consistently getting in legal trouble. Then there are guys like Titus Young, Evan Rodriguez, and Cody Grimm, who have all been arrested at least twice this offseason. Young notably was arrested twice on May 5, for suspicion of DUI and then attempting to steal his own car from the tow yard, and then 5 days later on May 10 for burglary. Young is a free agent, but will find it hard to earn a job on a roster with his abysmal offseason record.

After Walcott's arrest Thursday, league spokesman Greg Aiello told USA Today,

One is too many. We have policies and programs that hold all NFL employees accountable and provide them with programs of education and support.

The aforementioned 28 arrests make up about 1% of the league. The NFL has a history of player arrests, but never before has it seen so many arrests in so little a time period. The NFL's rookie symposium was created in response to an increase in player arrests in recent years, but is it working?