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Heading to a Road Game?

Miami and Chicago are two great locations to see the Ravens on the road this season.

Larry French

I would say that there are two great road trips that you could go and see this year. They are the game against the Dolphins and the game against the Bears.

The Dolphins game is attractive because of the weather, obviously. South Beach in October is certainly better than being in Baltimore. Another great thing about this trip is there will be droves of Ravens fans there, so you won’t feel alone. Ravens fans are known for travelling well, but Miami seems to bring out the best.

The second trip I would take is to Chicago. The game will be very cold, but the city is worth it. A road game against the Bears only happens once every 4 or 8 years. Chicago is an awesome old style city. There is a lot of other stuff to do in the Windy City before and after the game like the Magnificent Mile and the Loop.

Both Miami and Chicago would be great places to see the Ravens on the road. Where do you want to see them?