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Top 5 Seasons in Ravens History

The Ravens have had a short, but storied history. Here are the top 5 seasons since they came to Charm City.


#5: 1999 – These Guys Might Be Alright

Ray Lewis a budding star, we help the Rams find Kurt Warner, Justin Armour in overtime, starting to compete, Flutied against Buffalo, the Tennessee rivalry is born, so is the “Baltimore Bomb” (stopped soon after by the NFL), first win at Three Rivers, just short of the playoffs, but a team and fan base is born.

#4: 2008 – We Found Our Guy

Draft a franchise QB from Delaware (what?), slowly groomed until everyone else got hurt, 38 yards from Flacco to pay dirt, Hurricane in Houston, two crushing losses to the Steelers, closed Texas Stadium with two lightning bolts name Willis and Le’Ron, playoff bound, Ed to the house in South Beach, conquered Nashville once again, one more crushing loss to the Steelers, but we found our guy!

#3: 2011: Almost All The Way

Steelers revenge, letdown in Nashville, the defensive touchdown parade against the Jets, Flacco to Torrey Smith – game over, road woes continue, the Harbaugh Bowl on Thanksgiving, give away the division in San Diego, Pittsburgh gives it back the next night, “We back at the crib” for the first home playoff game in the Harbaugh era, Jacoby Jones’ first gift to Ravens fans, Joe Flacco grows up in Foxboro, Lee…Billy…Foxboro Heartbreak, don’t worry we will be back next year

#2: 2000 – Festivus Maximus and One Super Defense

Three Rivers Shutdown, Comeback against the Jags, The Touchdown drought…, Dilfer to Stockley – we scored a touchdown! The offense comes alive, the P-word, Playoffs for the first time, the birth of Festivus Maximus, Jamal Lewis runs over Al Wilson, Ray Lewis takes the ball from Eddie George, Steamrolling through Oakland, Jermaine points to the heavens, Super Bowl Champs!

#1: 2012 – A Super Last Ride

Sizzle tears his Achilles before the season, aerial assault on the Bengals, replacement reffed in Philly, Torrey’s heavy heart, Ray and Lardarius go down, clobbered in Houston, Sizzle returns, the Byron Leftwich game, Hey Diddle Diddle Ray Rice Up The Middle, the Charlie Batch game, losing the Beltway Brawl, Flaccoing against the Broncos, one Giant leap into the playoffs, Ray Lewis’ last ride, Pagano’s return, JACOBY JONES HAS IT AT THE 20!!!, Foxboro Redemption, “Electrifying” Super Bowl Champs.

As a fan being along for the ride, this is how I would rank the seasons thus far. What is your top 5?