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NFL records currently held by Joe Flacco

Baltimore Beatdown member "leovidal" posted this in the comments section of a recent FanPost, 'The Case For Joe Flacco Being Elite.'


The comment below was so in depth and detailed that it impressed those who saw it so much that I felt it needed to be a stand-alone article to let the many fans, as well as his detractors, what the definition of a "Franchise Quarterback" is, and why the Ravens were so smart to ink this guy to a long-term deal, regardless of the cost. Enjoy!

First rookie quarterback to start all sixteen games and make the playoffs.

First rookie quarterback to win two playoff games
Most starts by a quarterback in first season: 19
Most starts by a quarterback in first two seasons: 37
Most starts by a quarterback in first three seasons: 55
Most starts by a quarterback in first four seasons: 73
Most starts by a quarterback in first five seasons: 93
Most wins by a quarterback in first 80 consecutive starts: 54
Most combined regular and postseason wins in first three years as a quarterback: 36 (tied with Dan Marino)
Only quarterback to start and win a playoff game in each of his first five seasons
Most road playoff wins by a quarterback: 6
Most touchdowns in a postseason: 11 (tied with Joe Montana and Kurt Warner)
Most touchdowns without an interception in a postseason: 11 (tied with Joe Montana)
First quarterback to have a passer rating over 100 in all four games of a single postseason.
Most consecutive playoff games with three passing touchdowns: 3 (tied with Bernie Kosar, Kurt Warner, and Aaron Rodgers)

Note that after only five years Flacco already has more road playoff wins than any other QB in the HISTORY of the NFL. And his best years are ahead of him.

One final note: Joe does not care at all if some people don’t think he is "elite." Because he is Joe Cool — and he knows that he truly IS elite, no matter what some ignorant people might say.