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Trying to guess why we're underrated.

We've lost quite a few people, but we've replaced quite a few of them.


This has driven me crazy for a long time. So many people count us out just because we lost Ray Lewis, Ed Reed, and others. I say our management probably just drafted 2 of our next great defenders in this draft alone. We lost Ray Lewis, we have a (hopefully) healthy Jameel McClain. We lost Dannell Ellerbe, we now have Arthur Brown. We lost Reed and Bernard Pollard, and we replaced them with Michael Huff, Matt Elam, and possibly Christian Thompson in the future. We lost Anquan Boldin, we have a bunch of young receivers ready to step up. Matt Birk is gone, but we have Gino Gradkowski or A.Q. Shipley. We resigned Bryant McKinnie. Osemele is another year older and better. Jimmy Smith looks like he is ready to break out. Lardarius Webb is back. Our run defense is way better. We have a legit Nose Tackle now with Brandon Williams. We have one of the best 1-2 running back punches in the league with Bernard Pierce and Ray Rice. Joe Flacco has all the confidence in the world. We might have the next Jarret Johnson on our roster. It could be either Courtney Upshaw or John Simon. Terrel Suggs is healthy. Haloti Ngata is healthy. We have depth everywhere. I generally think our roster is the at the same level, if not better than our Super Bowl winning roster.