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Ravens Greatest Offensive Plays

The Top 5 Offensive Plays in the History of Ravens Stadium.

Maxwell Kruger-USA TODAY Sports

5. Jamal Lewis Runs Over Al Wilson

On a cold day in January, 2001 – the Baltimore Ravens hosted their first playoff game. The Denver Broncos came to town without their starting quarterback and had to play a mix of backups. Late in the 3rd Quarter with the Ravens in control, rookie running back Jamal Lewis took the handoff from Trent Dilfer and began to run up the middle where he met his old college roommate, Al Wilson. Lewis and Wilson collided head-on as Wilson’s back hit the turf and Lewis strolled into the end zone for the game sealing touchdown.

4. Steve McNair to Todd Heap

The Ravens started off the 2006 season unexpectedly. They were off to a 3-0 start and looked to have a quarterback for the first time. The Ravens welcomed the San Diego Chargers to town. Down late in the 4th quarter Steve McNair led a dramatic comeback drive before hitting Todd Heap across the middle for the game winning touchdown

3. Jaguar Comeback from Shannon Sharpe

In one of the hottest September days I can ever remember in Baltimore. Unfortunately, the Ravens came out as cold as ice and it looked like it would be the same old story, but Tony Banks and the new found offense led the Ravens back within striking distance in the 4th quarter. The game was capped off by a strike from Tony Banks to Shannon Sharpe on the goal line to win the game and exorcise some demons against the hated Jaguars.

2. Jamal Lewis Goes for 295

This one is a two parter. The two long touchdowns that Jamal Lewis scored against the Browns in his incredible 295 yard rushing game were great moments in the history of the team. He went on to be the story line that season. An honorable mention here would be his touchdown against the Steelers that same season. He did not break the record, but it was an exciting night.

1. Dilfer to Jamal Lewis to…. Shannon Sharpe

In possibly the most bizarre play in Ravens history, Trent Dilfer threw a screen pass to Jamal Lewis that was almost intercepted by Terrell Buckley, but the ball did not fall harmlessly to the turf. Shannon Sharpe came around the corner and snatched the ball out of the air and started running down the sideline. He would eventually score, but the most memorable part of the play for me was Sam Gash absolutely crushing Bill Romanowski as he gave chase.

This is certainly not a comprehensive list; it is just how I remember it. What offensive plays are most memorable for you at M&T Bank Stadium?