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Pro Football Talk Comes Up with Ravens Mt. Rushmore

PFT decides to talk about the Ravens Mount Rushmore. Do you agree with their selections?

Art Modell holding the Lombardi Trophy.
Art Modell holding the Lombardi Trophy.
Doug Pensinger

Something that many Ravens fans have talked about, especially this year, is the "Ravens Mount Rushmore," where they select the four greatest players/staff in Ravens' history. NBC Sports' Pro Football Talk has done a segment everyday called "Faces of the Franchise." In this series, a few NBC Sports analysts talk about the Mount Rushmore for a team. On Thursday, it was the Baltimore Ravens, and this is the Mount Rushmore for each guy that did one.

Mike Florio:

  • Ray Lewis
  • Jonathan Ogden
  • Ozzie Newsome
  • Joe Flacco
Shaun King:
  • Ray Lewis
  • Ozzie Newsome
  • Ed Reed
  • Jonathan Ogden
Pete Najarian:
  • Ray Lewis
  • Jonathan Ogden
  • Ozzie Newsome
  • Jamal Lewis
  • Ray Lewis
  • Jonathan Ogden
  • Ozzie Newsome
  • Ed Reed
The guys make a case for all of the guys they chose, and here is the basic reason why they chose each of them.

Ray Lewis:
  • One of the best linebackers in history
  • Best Player Motivator in history
  • Super Bowl MVP
Jonathan Ogden:
  • Hall-of-Fame Left Tackle
  • One of the best Offensive Linemen to ever play
Joe Flacco:
  • Franchise Quarterback
  • Super Bowl XLVII MVP
Ed Reed:
  • One of the Greatest Safeties of All-Time
  • Future Hall-of-Famer
Ozzie Newsome:
  • Has the best GM Track Record
  • Drafted many Ravens' Greats
  • Best Talent Evaluator in the NFL
Jamal Lewis:
  • Super Bowl Champion
  • One of the only running backs to have a 2,000-yard season
  • Averaged 1,300 Yards in 6 seasons with the Ravens
You all may be thinking that there is one notable Raven not on ANYBODY'S Mount Rushmore list.. Mr. Art Modell.

For some reason, none of the guys at PFT believe that Art was better than any of these guys, which is understandable. Without Art, though, there are no Baltimore Ravens. Art is the reason Ravens fans exist, he is the reason Baltimore has an NFL team, and he is the reason for Baltimore Beatdown, along with many other Ravens blogs/websites.

Art Modell was a legend, and personally, he is on my Mount Rushmore.

What do you guys think? Are any of these guys right with their selections? Or can you guys come up with the REAL Ravens Mount Rushmore?


The video of the entire 5-minute conversation about the Ravens Mount Rushmore can be found here.