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Projecting Ray Rice's Statistics For 2013-2014

Seeing as last night's projections of Joe Flacco's 2013-2014 statistics got generally positive feedback, I thought I would attempt to pin-point more players' performance for next season!

Larry French

Unlike yesterday's article, moving forward, I will exclude the change of a player's production after the arrival of Jim Caldwell and simply base the projections off of a player's tendency to deviate from their career averages. Also, I will spare you guys the unnecessary math and simply present you with the final product in this one!

Ray Rice's Projected Statistics For 2013-2014:

Please note that for Ray Rice's projections I have excluded his rookie year as he did not play in every game and to include it would tamper with his actual career averages as a starter (eat your heart out, hardockspiffy).

Rushing Attempts Rushing Yards Rushing TDs Receptions Receiving Yards Receiving Touchdowns Total Yards From Scrimmage

Career Average

277 1266 8 70 610 2 1876

Maximum Decay

255 1176 5 78 513 1 1689
Maximum Growth 299 1356 11 62 707 3 2063

A reasonable argument to dispute these projections is that Bernard Pierce will probably be seeing more carries this season which take will away from Ray Rice's overall offensive plays which would, of course, shift these projections down. However, with Anquan Boldin gone, Ray Rice may be seeing more touches than ever which would actually shift these numbers upwards!

Please remember that my statistical projections are based purely off of a player's tendency to deviate from their career averages in the past, and that if you see a number that you feel is ridiculous it is not a direct representation of my personal belief but rather the result of a mathematical calculation. I realize that some numbers may seem unrealistic, but that's what the fun part is in this; the "what if?" factor.

Leave a comment telling me which player's statistics you'd like to see me project in the next article (preferably a player with at least 3 years of experience, as anything less would be almost impossible to project based on the small sample-size)