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Bernard Pierce Robbed in Philly

Ravens RB Bernard Pierce was robbed in Philadelphia on Sunday.

Ravens' RB Bernard Pierce rushing for a first down vs. the Chargers.
Ravens' RB Bernard Pierce rushing for a first down vs. the Chargers.

Ravens second-year RB Bernard Pierce was held at gunpoint on Sunday, as robbers stole everything that was on Pierce, along with his 2005 BMW.

Pierce escaped the scene with no injuries, and thankfully he was fine. His car was later found and taken to the police garage, where he recovered the vehicle.

Sources say Pierce was in his BMW with his friend, when a man got out of another car, held Pierce at gunpoint, and jacked his car. Luckily, Pierce and his friend were not hurt.

Pierce has not spoken to the media about the situation, but his mother, Tammy Pierce has:

"I think he was targeted because people knew who he was, and that's sad," Pierce said. "He lost everything-- everything was taken. It could have turned out to be a whole different ballgame. He's good. He's healthy."

Pierce's mother told reporters that Pierce was in town visiting family, he had only been in town for a week. The BMW he had stolen? He bought it only two weeks ago.

Unfortunately, the suspects have not been found, but police are working hard to figure out who did it.

The worst part about this is, Pierce is now feeling scared and nervous, a terrible feeling for someone to have. It is looking like Bernard Pierce will be alright and hopefully he gets everything returned to him, and they find the men that did this to him.

Pierce has been a huge part of the Ravens' running game, and he hopes to be even larger in the upcoming season.