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Why are offensive lineman overlooked?

Recently, released their top 100 players list of 2013. Besides the obvious confusion as to what is being ranked on this list: last season, the upcoming season, or a players career in entirety; the list has one very extreme bias....

Offensive line: The most valuable unit on the field!
Offensive line: The most valuable unit on the field!

That bias is against offensive lineman. Offensive line is a very important but overlooked facet of the game. LT's are THE premium position after QB's, making the most money of any non-QB position on average.

Ravens fans are upset about Marshall Yanda, a top 3 guard in the league, got left off. We would have been fine with leaving off an undeserving Raven like Bernard Pollard or Jacoby Jones if that meant Marshall got his due. Broncos fans are upset about Ryan Clady not being chosen. He is a stud LT who should be on this list.

Look how few offensive lineman made it: Joe Thomas (28), Joe Staley (78), Duane Brown (48) Logan Mankins (82), Max Unger (95), and Trent Williams (99). How can there be ONLY 6 offensive lineman?

A team is divided into 8 position units: QB (1 starter), RB (1 starter), WR & TE (4 starters), Offensive Line (5 starters), Defensive Line (3 starters), LBers (4 starters), Secondary (4 starters), and Special Teams. (I used the 3-4 defense and a 3 WR or 2 TE sets for these starting numbers)

Let's leave out special teams, since those players don't belong on this list.

Each unit would have 14 players if all else was equal, but its not. Here are the numbers by position of the players in the top 100:

QB- 14 Aaron Rodgers(Top 10), Peyton Manning(Top 10), Tom Brady(Top 10), Drew Brees(11), RG3(15), Matt Ryan(17), Joe Flacco(19), Andrew Luck(23), Eli Manning(43), Cam Newton (46), Russell Wilson(51), Ben Roethlisberger(61), Matt Stafford(76), Colin Kaepernick(81),

RB- 12 AP(Top 10), Arian Foster(Top 10), Ray Rice(13), Jamaal Charles(20), Marshawn Lynch(24), Frank Gore(32), Lesean McCoy(45), Doug Martin(57), Chris Johnson(62), Alfred Morris(64), Trent Richardson(71), MJD(98)

WR & TE- 26 Megatron(Top 10), Andre Johnson(14), AJ Green(16), Reggie Wayne(21), Larry Fitzgerald(22), Gronk(25), Julio Jones(26), Brandon Marshall(27), Dez Bryant(35), Vernon Davis(38), Roddy White(39), Jason Witten(41), Wes Welker(44), Tony Gonzalez(47), Vincent Jackson(52), Victor Cruz(58), Dwayne Bowe(65), Demaryius Thomas(68), Antonio Gates(73), Aaron Hernandez(77), Steve Smith(84), Jacoby Jones(88), Percy Harvin(90), Anquan Boldin(93), Heath Miller(96), Dennis Pitta(100)

O-Line-6 - Joe Thomas (28), Joe Staley (78), Duane Brown (48) Logan Mankins (82), Max Unger (95), and Trent Williams (99).

D-Line- 13-JJ Watt(Top 10), Justin Smith(29), Vince Wilfork(30), Geno Atkins(36), Ndamukong Suh(40), Haloti Ngata(42), Julius Peppers(54), JPP(55), Jared Allen(60), Mario Williams(72), Robert Mathis(74), Dwight Freeney(80), Gerald McCoy(92)

LBers- 16 - Von Miller(Top 10), Patrick Willis(Top 10), Aldon Smith(Top 10), Demarcus Ware (12), Clay Mathews(31), NaVorro Bowman(37), Justin Houston(49), Terrell Suggs(56), Derrick Johnson (59), Stephen Tulloch(63), Chad Greenway(70), Luke Kuechly(79), Lance Briggs(83), London Fletcher(86), Cameron Wake(89),Daryl Washington(94)

Secondary- 13 Ed Reed(18), Patrick Peterson(33), Charles Tillman(34), Richard Sherman(50), Champ Bailey(53), Earl Thomas(66), Darrelle Revis(67), Tim Jennings(69), Brandon Flowers(75), Charles Woodson(85), Bernard Pollard(87), Troy Polamalu(91), Dashon Goldson(96)

The first thing that strikes you, outside of disagreeing with certain rankings, is the disproportionate amount of "skill players" in relation to those who do the dirty work: offensive line. There is no run game or a passing game without those guys. While I won't get into who exactly I disagree with, I will say that in the WR/TE position, there are at least 8 players who should not be on the list. If those spots went to offensive lineman, I think it would be about the right amount. Prisco, although I disagree with much that he says, posted a much more accurate list back in May: He had 15 offensive lineman, including Yanda at 16 (highest ranked offensive lineman). The funny part is that he leaves off half of the o-lineman in the list.

So in conclusion, this list is a sham, and should be totally ashamed of it. I am not sure how they compiled it, or who voted, but it is clear that whoever did cannot appreciate a good team player like an O-lineman. I know people like the flash and glamour of a RB, WR, or QB, but to me as a Ravens fan, there is nothing better than a great trench battle. I hope that in the future will repair this sham of a list.