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Ray Rice Not Clutch?

A friend of mine says Ray Rice isn't clutch, this is why he's wrong.

Ray Rice working his magic in San Diego -- 4th & 29
Ray Rice working his magic in San Diego -- 4th & 29

As many fans know, Ray Rice didn't do so well in the playoffs. He had three fumbles in the playoffs, two in the Wild Card Game versus the Indianapolis Colts, another in Super Bowl XLVII versus the San Francisco 49ers. Rice had only fumbled once in the regular season in Week 12 versus the Pittsburgh Steelers.

I was talking to one of my friends recently, and he was telling me two things:

  1. Arian Foster is a better running back than Ray Rice.
  2. Ray Rice isn't "clutch" due to his fumbles in the 2012 postseason.
Now, Ray Rice may have fumbled three times in the 2012 postseason, but before this postseason, he has only fumbled twice in a total of 4 other postseasons, where the Ravens played at least two games in each. Foster, on the other hand, has only fumbled once in four postseason games.

Since 2010, Arian Foster has 11 fumbles in the regular season, compared to Ray Rice's 3 fumbles. I think we can see whose numbers are better here.

Now, for anyone that says Rice isn't clutch, they must not remember all of the clutch first downs he's gotten for the Ravens over the past five years, most notably, 4th & 29.

Hey Diddle Diddle, Ray Rice up the Middle occurred in Week 13 versus the San Diego Chargers, when the Ravens found themselves down by three in San Diego in the final minutes of the fourth quarter. It was 4th & 29 and most Ravens fans thought it was over. The Ravens decided to go for it. Joe Flacco checked the ball down to Ray Rice; he took off diagonally down the field, then cuts up the field to grab the first down. It saved the Ravens in that game, which ended up forcing overtime and rookie kicker Justin Tucker won it for the Ravens in OT. The fourth down conversion was the longest in 11 years, and it was honored as the Top Play of 2012 at the NFL Honors.

Ray Rice proved himself as clutch in one of the greatest plays in history, but yet people say he isn't clutch?

BenJarvus Green-Ellis never fumbled as a Patriot, but does that make him the best running back in the league? I didn't think so.

Also, Arian Foster may have had more touchdowns and yards last season, but he also had 94 more carries than Rice, a huge difference in the NFL. Foster didn't have an Offensive Coordinator that didn't like giving him the ball, nor did he have an extraordinary rookie backup that took some of his carries away.

Maybe people should think about the stats and facts before they call someone "not clutch." Mr. Rice is one of the most clutch running backs in the NFL; if not THE MOST clutch running back in the NFL. I bet Arian Foster couldn't have completed 4th & 29.


Here is the play that is infamous around San Diego -- 4th & 29.

Here (Ray & Joe doing the play-by-play of the 4th & 29 play)
Here (The play with no interruptions)