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Patriots' Fans Aren't Torrey's Favorites

Torrey Smith doesn't like Patriots fan, as he says on Twitter.

TE Ed Dickson, WR Torrey Smith, and RB Anthony Allen celebrate the AFC Championship win over the Patriots as they take pictures with the trophy.
TE Ed Dickson, WR Torrey Smith, and RB Anthony Allen celebrate the AFC Championship win over the Patriots as they take pictures with the trophy.
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Twitter can be helpful, entertaining, and fun, as it normally is. Unfortunately for one Ravens player, it also brings up bad thoughts and is the source of terrible heckling.

Ravens wide receiver Torrey Smith has had bad history with fans on Twitter, but one fan base in particular is the worst to him: The New England Patriots.

On Saturday, the Ravens WR took to Twitter to express his hatred for Patriots' fans. He was asked by a fan who he wanted to win the Stanley Cup, Bruins or Blackhawks.

"CHI I hate everything about NE except KG."

This meant that he wanted the Blackhawks to win because he hates everything about Boston, except Celtics' PF/C Kevin Garnett.

Next he said the thing that caught everyone's attention.

"I understand that every Fan base has bad fans what I'm saying is NE fans have more than others and think they are better than everyone else."

This comment was something that every Ravens fan has been trying to say, except Smith just straight up said it. This meant that New England is the worst fan base, as they have the worst fans.

Torrey Smith has the right to say these things, as Patriots fans have been destroying him on Twitter, mainly about the death of his 19-year old brother, Tevin Jones, whom was killed in a motorcycle accident the night before the Ravens were set to play the Patriots in a Week 3 match-up in Baltimore. The Ravens beat the Patriots that night, as Smith had two touchdowns in the 31-30 victory.

Patriots' fans have been taunting him about his brother's death even more since the Patriots season was ended by the Ravens in January in the AFC Championship, 28-13.

"Played a lot of games since my brothers death and I never received as many rude tweets after a win than Sunday.. yet NE fans cry about class."

That was a tweet sent out by Smith after the AFC Championship win in January.

Overall, Torrey Smith has had to deal with heartless fans on Twitter, and he believes that the Patriots have the worst fan base in the NFL, maybe even in all of sports.

The Ravens are set to play the Patriots in Week 16 of this season, thankfully at home. It doesn't seem like going to Foxboro would be a good thing for Smith and the Ravens right now.

Personally, I know one or two Patriots' fans in real life, and they are not anything like the ones on Twitter. I have friends that are Patriots' fans, and they are just fine in my book. The rest of the Patriots' fan base? Not fine at all. It is awful to make comments about a member of someone's family, especially if they are deceased and meant a lot to that person.

Patriots' fans are looking like they want to challenge the Pittsburgh Steelers for the Ravens' most hated rival, and the heckling of Torrey Smith might be the thing to make them just that.

Rest in Peace, Tevin Jones.

I am glad that your brother could honor you the day you died by whooping the Patriots butts, scoring two touchdowns just for you.

You will be missed.