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Mark Schlereth Thinks Ravens Won't Make Playoffs

Harry How

As we all know, the NFL playoffs have a trend of inconsistency; at least 2 teams that made the playoffs the previous year fail to make it the next. In a recent episode of SportsCenter Mark Schlereth identified the Baltimore Ravens and Indianapolis Colts as the two teams who he thinks will not make the playoffs. In his argument he cited the loss of many key-veterans on defense as the reason why they will fall short of the post-season in 2013 (namely "Corey Williams" and "Brandon Pollard"). What he seemed to not notice, however, was the myriad of key additions such as Elvis Dumervil and Matt Elam among others. It never fails to amaze me how rapid the reports of Baltimore's demise have spread like wild-fire this off-season, however that is what will make next season so interesting. This is why we play the games, boys.

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