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Statistical Predictions For Joe Flacco

How will Flacco fare with new offensive coordinator Jim Caldwell calling plays for a full season?


There is no question that Baltimore Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco played much better under the play calling of offensive coordinator Jim Caldwell than he did under Cam Cameron last season. However certain questions are always raised in these types of situations and here are the ones facing Flacco and Caldwell.

While it is obvious Flacco statistically improved under Caldwell there was another thing that happend right around the same time that Caldwell took over play calling duties. Offensive tackle Bryant McKinnie returned to protect Flacco's blind side and effectively solidified the offensive line. Also there was the pulse pounding thrill of the post season and having to face top tier quarterbacks like Peyton Manning and Tom Brady. If Flacco's best quality is that he is able to step up on the biggest of stages one of his worst qualities may be that sometimes he plays down to his opponents as well, as shown in the Jacksonville Jaguars game last season and others.

Knowing that Joe has all the talent in the world but sometimes isn't as consistent as we would like him to be is just a part of being a Ravens fan. The question is, was Cameron holding Joe back, and will Caldwell unleash the real Flacco on the NFL?

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