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Terrell Suggs: "[Putin] would give me mine back"

Terrell Suggs tells TMZ that he wouldn't be afraid to get back his Super Bowl ring from Vladimir Putin.

Terrell Suggs becoming motivated during a game at M&T Bank Stadium.
Terrell Suggs becoming motivated during a game at M&T Bank Stadium.
Patrick McDermott

Let me give you the background of the Robert Kraft story. According to Robert Kraft, the owner of the New England Patriots, Russian President Vladimir Putin stole his Super Bowl ring during a 2005 visit. Kraft never got the ring back, as he was probably too scared to ask for it.

Last weekend, TMZ caught Ravens' LB Terrell Suggs leaving Boa in Hollywood, so they decided to stop and chat with him. The cameraman tells Suggs about the Kraft story, and asks him what Suggs would do if Putin stole his new Super Bowl ring. Here was his response:

"I'd go get it right back. I'd be like 'Aye man, you left with my ring?' Suggs said. "Did [Robert Kraft] get it back? Oh, well he has to get that back. He'd give me mine back."

Terrell Suggs is obviously a scary man, but so is Putin, since he is the President of a nation. Suggs seems confident that he would go and get his Super Bowl ring, since it's his and Putin doesn't deserve to have it.

Whether Terrell Suggs would actually go get it or not, he still sounded tough. Either way, that's the Sizzle we've come to know and love, so we just have to sit back and enjoy when he gets in front of a camera, because it is always funny and entertaining.

Putin didn't attend Ball-So-Hard University (BSHU), so he doesn't deserve a ring.

Here is the video of the TMZ encounter: Sizzle would get his ring back.