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Were any of you worried after the initial free agency rush

I remained mostly calm

I remember everything basically. First Ray Lewis and Matt Birk retired. We traded AnQuan Boldin. I didn't like it at first, until later I realized what we used his money on. Paul Kruger and Dannell Ellerbe left afterwards. I basically knew Kruger would leave, but I was hoping we could keep Ellerbe. I quickly got over it when I learned the terms of the deal. I didn't agree with the Bernard Pollard release, but I understood that we wanted him and his locker room presence out of there. Also, I was really expecting Ed Reed to stay. I still would rather have him than Michael Huff, based on his leadership and familiarity with Baltimore and their D scheme. I was a big fan of the Chris Canty signing and I still am. I like the Marcus Spears addition because of our unusually poor run defense. Then I got feeling great about our office again. I was extremely happy when I heard of the Elvis Dumervil signing, even more so when I realized that he has 5 less million then the inferior Paul Kruger. I did not care much for the Rolando McClain signing. I thought we would waive him very soon, though he ended up retiring. I approved the Huff signing as we were able to get a very decent stopgap starter at FS until our youngsters develop. The draft had me on my hands and knees. Great value at every pick. Matt Elam will be a great safety in this league. Arthur Brown will be a very good MLB for a long time. With Brandon Williams, we will have our best nose tackle since Kelly Gregg (unless we put Haloti Ngata there). We picked up Jarret Johnson 2.1 with John Simon (Courtney Upshaw is supposed to be JJ 2.0). Kyle Jusczcyk should be a very versatile (and good) fullback. Ricky Wagner should be a good depth at OG and RT and can start if needed for an injury. Kapron Lewis-Moore is my steal alert for the whole draft. He would have been drafted much higher if not for his injury. I think he should be a very good 2-down D-Linemen in this league. Ryan Jensen is good depth at OG and C. Aaron Mellette has all the tools to be a good possession receiver. Marc Anthony has the chance at being our nickle or dime cornerback in the future. Rolando was off the ravens later on as I expected. We resigned Bryant McKinnie, which (as long as he is motivated) will solve our LT issue for at least another year. Then we signed Daryl Smith. With that signing, we ended our MLB need. Minus our receiver issue (which might not even be an issue) we have mostly filled needs and improved our roster almost all over. While I had a mini panic attack at first, Ozzie, Decosta, and co. ended mostly all of my worries.