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Praise for Pierce

An article about Bernard Pierce, why he should be praised and why we are lucky to have him.

Patrick Smith

The Baltimore Ravens have a great running game. Ray Rice is a monster running back, as he is one of the best in the National Football League. Bernard Pierce is the man, as well.

Bernard Pierce did not play a huge role with the Ravens last season, but when he was on the field he made plays.

Pierce was hurdling, running, and getting first downs all the time last season. Pierce was very fun to watch, as he made big plays often.

Bernard Pierce is very quick, which is why he plays the style of football that he does. Pierce will quickly cut through holes that he sees as he follows his blockers with perfection. Pierce's speed gives him the ability to run away from opponents while keeping his eyes on the first down marker, so he can get across it.

Bernard Pierce had many great plays last season, but my personal favorite was in Week 16 against the New York Giants. The Ravens were on their own 21-yard-line, the hand off went to Pierce, he quickly ran through a hole created by FB Vonta Leach and C Matt Birk and ran 77 yards down to the 2-yard-line. I just wished the little guy could have scored on the play.

Bernard Pierce actually out-ran Ray Rice in much of the postseason, something that most fans don't know. In the AFC Wild Card against the Indianapolis Colts, Pierce ran for 103 yards, while Rice only ran for 68 yards. In the AFC Championship against the New England Patriots, Pierce ran for 52 yards, while Rice ran for 48 yards and a touchdown. Overall, Pierce ran for 202 yards in the postseason, while Rice ran for 306 yards.

Pierce and Rice are already being looked at as a dangerous running back duo, while the two will probably split carries, with Rice getting the majority of them. Pierce is young and talented, as is Rice. The two players have a different style of running, but they still work well together on a team. It will be difficult for opposing defenses to switch between the two different running styles of Pierce and Rice.

Bernard Pierce is also being looked at as a good fantasy option, as he could be a solid RB for your team when your normal starting RB's are on a bye week. As of now, I doubt Pierce will have too much impact in the fantasy world, but I may be wrong, and he could have a breakout year. In my fantasy league, I will most likely skip over Pierce, unless he starts becoming more productive within Caldwell's offense.

Bernard Pierce is working hard, playing hard, and doing his best to show the Ravens that he is worthy of more carries, and I think he proved himself in his rookie season last year. Pierce was one of the most productive rookie running backs, along with guys like Alfred Morris and Doug Martin. I wouldn't compare him to those two guys just yet, but after this season, it is possible that he could be known as one of the top draftees of the 2012 draft class.

I am praising Pierce for all of his hard work and how he plays on the field. Pierce is a quick guy that is bound to make an impact in 2013. This may be my Breakout Performer-of-the-Year for the Ravens. If he doesn't win this award, he will definitely be in the discussion. I am looking forward to watching Pierce play this year, especially after seeing how well he did in his rookie season. I am just hoping that he doesn't hit a "sophomore slump," although I highly doubt that'll occur.

Be looking for Bernard Pierce this season, as he looks to show Ravens fans that he is a loyal and talented running back once again.