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Open Thread: Ray Lewis Overrated?'s JJ Territo listed Ray Lewis as one of the most overrated Ravens of all time.

USA TODAY Sports writer JJ Territo recently posted an article listing his most overrated and underrated Ravens of all time. Perhaps in a move to stir up the fans and media, Territo listed future Hall of Famer Ray Lewis as one of his most overrated players. He argues that Lewis is often credited for more tackles than he actually makes (which is probably true) and that Lewis' name should not have overshadowed Flacco's performance this past postseason during the Ravens' unlikely Super Bowl run.

I find his argument to be very weak, mainly because you can't just condense a 17-year, Hall of Fame worthy career into one over-glamorous postseason run (while he conveniently ignores the Ravens 2000 Super Bowl run where Lewis played out of his mind on his way to earning Super Bowl MVP honors). I feel like it is pretty obvious Territo only made such a bold statement to draw more attention and controversy to his article. Also among the overrated Ravens were Trent Dilfer, Paul Kruger, Jacoby Jones, and Dennis Pitta. His underrated list includes Ed Reed, Jamal Lewis, Marshal Yanda, Peter Boulware and Ozzie Newsome.

Feel free to share your thoughts and feelings in the comment box and debate until the cows come home.