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Do you like any other teams other than the Ravens?

I admit to this.

Ok, let me get myself clear. The Ravens are my favorite team and always will be (unless Jerry Jones takes over and fires Ozzie). I am just wondering if anyone has another team they halfways like. I usually follow somebody in the NFC. That team has usually been the Carolina Panthers. I have to admit I am a fan of Cam Newton (Sure am glad Jimmy Clausen is out of there, but as a Ravens fan, I appreciated him in 2010). I know some people are like that and some people are saying "We like one team and one team only." I generally think it's okay. I mean we play Carolina, for example, once every four years or something like that. The one time we play them will be the only time I cheer against them. I have almost grown onto them as a second team (I don't have any jerseys or gear or anything like that). I am guessing some of you will shout "traitor" at me, but I am one who believes this is okay. I would like to see if you guys have a 2nd team, and if you do, which one?