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Work Left To Do

Are the Ravens finished with the roster?


Ozzie Newsome and the Ravens front office has used the grace period of winning the Super Bowl about as well as anyone. The team needed to get younger and that is exactly what they did. They got rid of bad contracts such as Vonta Leach when they have rookies that might be able to do the job.

Nevertheless, questions still remain. Is Jacoby Jones really going to be the number two receiver. This scares me. We have put a ton of money into a franchise quarterback, I think that we might need to put some more weapons around him. Jacoby is great at getting open, but catching the ball is not his strength. There are options out there. They aren’t great options, but they are proven NFL receivers. Does anyone want Brandon Lloyd? I didn’t at first, but he might not be all that bad of an option at this point.