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Mt. Rushmore Baltimore Raven Style

Today Steve Bisciotti called you and said he wants you to design the Ravens version of Mt. Rushmore. Who are you putting on there?

Win McNamee

Mt. Rushmore is a dedication to presidents who in a sense represent America and were integral parts of the history of this great nation. If you were to make a Mt. Rushmore for the Ravens organization who would you put on it and why? If I were to design a Mt. Rushmore for the Ravens Organization I would put the following:

1. Ray Lewis: Arguably one of, if not the greatest MLB to play the game and played every season of his career in Baltimore. If Yankee Stadium is the house that Ruth built than M&T Bank Stadium is the house that Ray built. The name Ray Lewis is synonymous with the Baltimore Ravens and he set the standard that became known as "playing like a Raven". He was the leader of a defense that consistently performed and was an integral part of two Super Bowl championship teams.

2. Ed Reed: Again arguably one of, if not the best player to ever play his position. The past few years have been rough due to injuries but to date he has played his whole career as a Raven and had the ability to change a game in one play. He, along with Ray Lewis helped set that standard of playing like a Raven. Ed only won one ring but he was an integral part of a team that made the playoffs five straight seasons and a defense that for many years was one of the best in the league.

3. Jonathan Ogden: JO was in his prime when I was younger and don't remember much but I know that he was very dominant at one of the most difficult and important positions to play in the NFL. He was the first draft pick the Ravens made as an organization and played every year of his career in Baltimore. In today's age having a super star play their whole career in one town is very rare so the fact that he did makes him that much more special.

4. Matt Stover: I was debating putting Ozzie here but I wanted to stick to players on Mt. Raven. To me Mr. Automatic cannot be left off a list of best Ravens players ever. He didn't play his whole career in Baltimore but he came here with the team when it moved from Cleveland. Matt Stover made 83.7% of his field goals in his career and holds a few Ravens records. He has the most field goals made in a season, with 35 in 2000 and also hold the most field goals in Ravens history with 354. For years the Ravens offense was less than stellar and it seemed like Matt Stover was our offense.

Also list a player or two who are currently on the roster that at the end of their careers have a chance to be on Mt. Raven. I'd probably give the best shot to Joe Flacco, Ray Rice, Terrell Suggs, and Haloti Ngata