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Why we SHOULD sign JaMarcus Russell

While most say no, I think it's worth a shot.

You got the title right. I WANT us to sign this troubled Oakland bust. I think it is very well worth a shot. I'll give you all reasons as well.

1. Talent. That is something that JaMarcus has and a lot of and other people wish they had. Nobody can deny his talent. As of right now, he has put it to waste. He has the talent to probably be a top-10 quarterback. He has a great arm, pretty good speed (when in shape), and decent accuracy (according to some).

2. Contract Demands. This is another good reason for us to sign him. The way he is making it sound like is that he probably wants a 2-3 year contract so he can be behind an established veteran for a couple of years. I'm guessing a contract might be something like 3years/3 million if all weight goals and camp requirements are met.

3. Uncertain Backup Solution. This might be something we need to address even if we don't sign JaMarcus. Tyrod Taylor occasionally shows flashes of a decent backup, but most Ravens fans would cringe if he had to start a game or two in place of Joe Flacco.

4. Low Risk. This is the final reason. Nobody will give him much guaranteed money. If he decides to just get out of shape or do something else, we can just waive him. No harm done.

I'm guessing at least half of you still hate the idea, but I think it would be worth a try.