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Browns Express Interest in Vonta Leach

Patrick Smith

Ralph Vitolo, Vonta Leach's agent, told the Cleveland-based Beacon Journal this morning that the Browns are among the list of teams interested in Vonta Leach. Vitolo said he and Leach are currently talking with the Browns about arranging a visit sometime soon.

Since the Ravens cut Leach on Tuesday, seven teams have expressed interest in him. In addition to the Browns, Leach is talking with the Giants, Broncos, and Chiefs. He visited the Dolphins yesterday. The other two teams have not yet been revealed to the public.

Ozzie Newsome has not cut out the possibility of Leach returning to Baltimore either. He said after Leach's release,

We could revisit this before or during training camp.

Leach is nearing 32 years old and has an impressive career behind him (1 Super Bowl, 3 All-Pro earnings and 3 Pro-Bowls), but has played for two different teams since 2010, and finds himself jobless during an NFL era where fullbacks are not earning as much as they used to.