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Is Kyle Juszczyk ready?

With the Vonta Leach release, we are forcing Juszczyk into action early.

Vonta Leach has been released. That means we now have a hole at Fullback. We are expecting that hole to be filled by 2013 4th round draft pick Kyle Juszczyk. Some people think Kyle might have needed a year or two to get into the flow of things. I thought that this year he could contribute in a minor role. He will now be our starting fullback. I am one who believes we should have kept Vonta for at least one more year. Juszczyk will never be the blocker Leach is. He can catch it and run it much better than Leach ever has. That is the kind of a fullback I want. I want one who can be a traditional fullback and block. I also like one that the defense has to plan about in the running and passing game. With Leach, he would get maybe 1 carry per game. I think Juszczyk will be fine, but I wish we had Vonta for just one more year.