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Tim Tebow: Why all the Hype?

A look into trying to figure out why Tebow is so hyped up.

Joe Flacco raises the Lombardi Trophy after the Super Bowl XLVII victory.
Joe Flacco raises the Lombardi Trophy after the Super Bowl XLVII victory.

First off, I want to apologize for this not being a Ravens topic; I just felt the need to address the hype of Tebow, when there shouldn't be any. I realize that I am contributing to the Tebow talk, but I am not doing it in a good way.

Tim Tebow has signed with the New England Patriots (cue the craziness.) Of course, the media jumps all over it, especially ESPN. Why does this occur? It's not like he is a big-named, talented quarterback? It makes no sense.

Let's start out with the beginning of his NFL career.

First, Timmy Tebow started out on the Broncos, where he was a backup quarterback. While the Broncos were struggling, many fans in Denver chanted for Tebow to come on the field, and he finally did. Tebow eventually led the Broncos to the playoffs and a playoff win, which was a magnificent clutch pass to Demaryius Thomas to defeat the Pittsburgh Steelers in OT, something that all Ravens fans enjoyed. Then, Timmy Tebow got clobbered in the AFC Divisional Round by the Patriots, and that would be his last game as a Bronco.

Tebow was traded to the New York Jets, where he was a backup to Mark Sanchez. Tebow came on the field occasionally for special teams, short-down plays, and a receiving play or two. He hardly ever played quarterback. Tebow was then released by the Jets, as it made no difference whether he was there or not.

Then, on Tuesday, Tim Tebow was signed by the New England Patriots. It is obvious that he won't play quarterback, since Tom Brady is doing a fine job there. So what is his role? Many ESPN analysts have attempted to answer this question, but I feel as if the answer is: sit on the bench and cause a distraction. Tebow only wants to be a quarterback, so I see him sitting on the bench all season as a third-string quarterback. Sorry, Tim.

Truthfully, I could see Tebow not even making the Patriots roster, since there is absolutely no need for him.

Now, talking about Tebow's role isn't the point of this article.. the point is, the Tebow talk needs to end.

There is absolutely no reason to have more coverage of Tebow than the NBA OR NHL Playoffs. During the span of Tebow's so-called "journey," ESPN has shown Tim Tebow more than anything else. When Tebow was sent to the Jets, all media talked about was that move. When Tebow became the backup, the media STILL hyped him up! It makes no sense! The biggest sports network, ESPN, has shown more about Tim Tebow than they have about the Ravens winning the Super Bowl. So let me get this straight, a move to sign a third-string quarterback is more important than the champions getting crowned? Gotcha.

I read an article about ESPN and why they talked about Tebow so much, and it was unreal what I learned from it. Apparently, higher up people at ESPN tell the anchors and analysts to speak about it, because they know people love it. Well, ESPN, this guy right here hates it. It needs to end, because there is no purpose for it. I want to hear about the NHL Playoffs, the NBA Playoffs, the MLB Regular Season, the moves from all 32 NFL teams in the off-season, NOT ABOUT TEBOW.

I am a Florida Gators NCAA Football fan, but I can't stand to hear all of this Tebow talk. Tebow is a good man, but he is not a great quarterback. The media needs to learn that Tebow is a WAY-below average quarterback, and his days in the NFL as a quarterback are probably over.

So please, ESPN and other media sources, can we stop hearing about Tim Tebow and start hearing about things that actually matter in sports, like the playoffs of other sports or the important moves in the NFL? We don't need to talk nonstop about the Patriots new third-string quarterback. That's just flat-out ridiculous. Stop it.

I hope you guys aren't too upset about this article. If you are, I'm very sorry. This will be my last off-topic article for a while.

Rant over.